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3 Things That Make You A Badass Modern Mom!

It takes a Badass Modern Mom to navigate in our hectic world today. Being a mom is filled with so many demands and there are so many things you are supposed to. No matter where you look there is all sorts of advices on how to look, how your house is supposed to be, what to eat and what to cook for your children so they can get healthy and strong. Then there is your career, how to be a good colleague, how to be the fun and sexy wife.


Are you still breathing …?


And don't forget about your clothes, it's very important how you look and how people look at you...and wait a minute what about your mom body...this is a huge issue as well!


But f*** all of this!



These superficial things don’t define you as a mom or as a person. On the contrary you should start focusing on these 3 things to become a Badass Modern Mom:


1. You know what's best for you

You know how to take care of your own emotions and you practice self-care on a daily basis. Because you know that this is how you can be the best version of you, be the best mom, to manage your children and manage their meltdowns. You know that practicing self-care isn't selfish but a necessary thing to do when you are a modern mom. You are taking time for you because you are worth it and you are a Badass Modern Mom for just being you!


2. You are authentic

You know what's best for you, and you don't need to compare yourself to others.You are leading the way for your children, and show them that you stand up for and what you believe in. Show your children and the world who you are, they don't want you on a diet, they don't want you to be hard on yourself.You as a Badass Modern Mom show your children that you are perfect just the way you are. They know what you believe in and they know who you are because that is what you show them.


3. You empower your kids to conquer life

You empower your kids to conquer life. You cherise independency and teach them how to do things for themself. If they find something difficult you don’t come and rescue them but teaches them how to manage things. You know that life is filled with ups and downs and there is no easy way out. But you stand up for your children and when things get difficult or even rough you guide your children through the hard times. When your children are having a hard time you listen to them and you help them find a way through.


You are a Badass Modern Mom for just being you!


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