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The choking truth about your kids NOT taking risks

August 29, 2017

Children are innocent beings and most of the time they don’t know if what they do is right or wrong. Kids imitate what grown-ups do, and that’s why most of the time you will find your kid on the phone calling mama or papa just like you do. The thing is, what you teach your children today will grow inside them as they grow up. What you tell your kids is right will remain to be right until they become adults. The best time to teach your kids how to be strong in life and how to take risks is not definite, but you should start as early as possible.



Kids need to experience things for themselves

Kids become insecure with themselves because they don’t have any experience with their strengths and weaknesses. If you teach your children how to be outgoing and independent from a young age, they realize their strengths and weaknesses in the process. This is the best experience because the kids will be aware of what they are good and what can actually break them. They will be more prepared when facing things that might break them because they know their weaknesses.


Kids are more at risk when they don’t are aware of their limits. They get hurt more often because they have a lack of experience.


A kid who knows exactly to what extent they can go will never attempt to exceed their own limit because they know they might get hurt. These kids are more prepared and better suited for the harsh life experiences because they are aware of the limits they can reach. The more the experience these kids have, the more they are likely not to get hurt.


Risk is a possibility to develop

Kids that only spend time in safe and organized environments are more likely to develop anxiety. These kids will find it difficult to go outside their safe environments. While other children are having fun outside for example in the rain or playing in the mud, this kid will be anxious and will fear to join the rest. Risky play is not for every kid; there are those who will find it difficult to do because they have been brought up in safe and organized environments.


When things get difficult for the kids, there are always adults to help and guide them. However, the risky play is important for the kids and risky play without a helicoptering parent give the kids an opportunity to experience and feel that it 's hard but I know I can do it anyway if I struggle hard enough.

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