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The Modern World Needs Brave Girls


Research shows that 9 out of 10 girls are not satisfied with the way they look. This is the problem created it in our modern digitalized world where images and inputs of perfect good looking girls are everywhere. You are constantly being confronted with beauty tips on how to look, what to wear, what to eat, how to workout, how to look good to the world.


And never before has so many children and young women suffered from low self esteem, anxiety and depression - the world needs brave girls girls who believe in themselves!


Girls who give a f*** about the endless number of Youtubers' self-invented beauty standards.

Girls who know who they are and what they like.

Girls who care more about how she feels than how she looks.

Girls that are not afraid to stand out, to be herself and to believe in something and to fight for it!


This is the VikingMoms request to all mothers around the world who is raising a daughter in this modern world: We need to raise brave girls and this is how we can do it:


#1 Accept her personality and interests

Spent time with her and visit her world without reprimanding her or questioning her interests in a negative way. Show your interests in her world, in her interests so she will feel that she is perfect just the way she is and the things she loves has value. Being accepted for who she is, is crucial for empowering her self worth.  


#2 Be curious on how she solves problems

We, especially mothers, have the tendency to give a lot of good advice on how our daughters should solve big and small problems. But stop doing that! Instead you should ask her how she solved a problem herself. Ask her: what did you do? How did you manage it? And when she tells you the story re-insure her, that she did something and she did manage to solve the problem herself. This will make her feel confident and believe in her own decisions, even though it wasn't the solution you would have chosen. The important thing is, she did something and she should feel like an action taker.


#3 Encourage her to dare more

You have to practice bravery with her. Find the right challenges and encourage her to do things she finds a little difficult. If she is very shy, the challenge could be to talk to strangers fx the lady in the supermarket. And when she does, acknowledge her achievement in words. Tell her: I noticed that you talk to the woman in the supermarket and I know it was difficult for you but you did it anyway! This will teach her that somethings in life can be difficult and it's okay - but you have to practice to do it anyway!


When she feels she’s perfect just the way she is. When she believes in her own decisions. And when she learn to practise bravery - she will feel brave and ready to face the modern world.


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