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Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

June 8, 2018

Many parents are surprised by how many hours of sleep the experts recommend for their children. Most parents underestimate how many hours their child really needs. Eg. there are not many people who know that a 3-year-old needs 12 hours of sleep and several studies show that children in the Western world in average is one hour short of sleep.


But why worry about enough sleep?

Enough sleep is the new black when we talk about health issues. More and more studies all points in the same direction: sleep is directly related to our physical and mental health and development. For children, the lack of sleep affects their learning abilities, physical and mental development. So there are plenty of good reasons to prioritize your child’s sleep.


The Viking Moms’ sleep chart

We, the Viking Moms have created a sleep chart, where you can easily get an overview of how many hours of sleep your child needs in all ages. Keep in mind that this is the recommended number of hours your child actually sleeps. So you have to consider how long time it takes for your child to fall asleep and then add it on to figure out when to start tucking your children to bed.


Children aged 1-3 years that are still taking a nap. The hours the child is sleeping during the day must be counted in the amount of hours the child is going to sleep at night. Also note that children's sleep can differentiate, so use this sleep chart as a guideline.





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