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How to completely change your child’s sleep

June 8, 2018


Nothing a small exhausting and frustrating than not getting your sleep. Maybe your child won’t fall asleep or maybe it wakes up millions of times during the night because your child wakes up and cries.


You have probably tried many different things, you’ve been singing for hours, you’ve been reading bedtime stories again and again, you’ve said good night to 135 times. But still your child won't fall asleep! What am I doing wrong?!? You think, and the more you want your child to sleep the more strange things you start doing - and the more you child get confused!


Here are three tips you should try if you want a new and more peaceful bedtime routine.


#1 Connect with your child during the day

This sounds simple and you may feel like you're already spending a lot of time with your child. But taking some time where you deliberately choose to be 100% present with your child playing and talking with your child will makes a difference. It will fill your child with the basic human need of belonging and your child will feel safe. This will prevent that your child is using the bedtime to connect with you.


#2 Practice the new bedtime routine in advance

Many parents start a new routine without even telling the children, which creates a lot of uncertainty for your child. Practicing the new bedtime routine in advance will create a lot of predictability for your child and make your child feel safe, because he or she will know exactly what’s going to happen. You can practice it through role-play and a bedtime routine chart. 


#3 Stay calm and repeat

When do you start implementing the new bedtime routine you have to stay calm and do exactly what you practised. Remember, you are the weather maker so if you start to stress you will pass it on to your child. And it will be a lot more difficult for your child to sleep. If it's difficult for you to stay calm, stay outside the room for a few minutes and take some deep breaths before you go to your child. Or  you can ask your husband or wife to take turns. Talk peacefully to your child and then repeat the practised routine. Repeat, repeat, repeat in a calm and peaceful way.


Connecting with your child during the day, practicing on the new routine in advance, staying calm and sticking to the routine will create a lot of predictability and peaceful atmosphere for your child. And it will be easier for your child to fall asleep and easier to fall asleep again if your child wakes up during the night


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