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3 things that give your daughter a positive body image

June 8, 2018


I'm fat, I'm just looking so fat ....


These words are said by a 6-year-old girl, while she was playing with dolls. While the girl who said it was talking about the body of the doll it’s still disturbing.


How come that even very young children learn to judge others, judging them from shapes and sizes of their bodies?


Unfortunately, there is no single answer. It’s probably a mix of unintended words used in the families, media influence, interaction with other girls. Young girls are constantly being presented with countless messages about their and others' perception of the body.


It's time to consider how we talk to our daughters’ about body images. Here are three tips you can easily use which will help your daughter to create a positive image on her body:


1. Answer the question with a question.

What do you say when your daughter comes home with the difficult question "Am I fat?" Or "Do I get fat if I eat this?" When it comes to a sensitive subject such as weight, it can be incredibly hard to find the balance between protecting his child and being truthful. It is a good idea to find out what feelings are beneath the surface. Instead of answering the question, ask your daughter, "What causes you to ask if you're too fat?" This is the best answer because it gives her the opportunity to explain where the concern comes from. And it is important to keep the dialogue open so that you can not close the conversation by concluding something or "solving the problem" as soon as possible. To help your daughter through these difficult subjects and overwhelming emotions, you need to listen more than you speak.



2. Speak respectfully about your own body

It's easy and a good idea to put a few rules for yourself around the body chat. Decide to remove the words "bold and thick" from your vocabulary. Do not use the words about yourself, always speak carefully and respectfully about your own body. Also do not comment on clothes size and instead focus on whether the clothes are comfortable to wear and if your daughter feels comfortable in her clothes. Also, comment on the shape of the body of others. Do not make it too shame to categorize others based on their weight. It sends a message that it's their weight that's important, you see and not who they are.


3. Talk about strengths

It is so important for your daughter that she hears about positive body images. Talk about physical strength and what her body can do for her. Make sure you eat healthy and varied every day and help her with fine things you should say to help your daughter with a positive view of her body.


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