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Babysitting Grandparents Live 5 Years Longer

July 9, 2018


Babysitting your grandchildren have even more benefits than we realize. 
Not only is it a great help for parents if the grandparents can help babysit.  And not only does it give life quality to grandparents to spend time with the grandchildren. And not only does the grandchildren benefit from having a relationship with the elderly generation. 
Research shows that grandparents live five years longer when they babysit. The research is made by Australian and German scientists and is published in the Journal of Evolution And Human Behaviour, and compares the average life expectancy of grandparents who spent time with the grandchildren with grandparents who don't. 
It seems that grandparents who spent time with the grandchildren feel happier, more active, healthier and they have a sense of meaning with the life. These positive feelings have a direct impact on their health and their life expectancy.
So don't hesitate the next time you want to ask your own parents for help. Remember you are actually doing them a favor it's a win win win win situation for the entire family.



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