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3 Things Your Daughter Doesn't Tell You

July 9, 2018


A mother-daughter relationship can be very unique, very close...and at times very challenging. If you have a daughter you probably know at least one of the following situations. 


Your daughter is a drama queen and has sooo many emotions. She gets extremely happy when something good happens, extremely sad once she's just a little sad and extremely freaked out about even the smallest things. When you try to help her cope with her emotions or give her a good advice you sometimes end up yelling at each other.


And when you lay in your bed at night you start worrying - am I supporting my daughter in the right way? Am I a terrible mother? And this is why you need to hear these three secrets that your daughter doesn't tell you about:


#1 I love you just the way you are
Don’t pretend to be the “perfect” mom. You daughter needs to see that you are authentic, can fail, can say sorry, can lift yourself up. Show her you are proud of being you. All she cares about is that you are in a good mood and focus on having fun with me and the rest of the family.

#2 I want to spend more time with you
All children in the world has a basic human need for belonging and this goes for your daughter as well. She wants to connect in a positive way with you to belong with you. So put mother-daughter time in the calendar. Ask her what she wants to do, be present and positive. Spend fun time with her and don't correct her in this special mother-daughter time. She will love this positive connection with you. 


#3 Hug me even though I’m a big girl now 
As our daughters grow older we often forget to connect with them in a physical way. And even though she is 8, 10 and even and 14 years old she needs to feel loved and connected with you in a physical way. Hug her, sit closely with her on the couch, hold her hand, comb her hair, give her a massage. Show her in a physical way that you are connected and that she is loved.


Doing these three things creates a positive and strong connection between you and your daughter and will decrease the number of conflicts and the drama queen attitude. So go have fun with the most amazing girl in the world - your daughter!



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