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Hi, we are the VikingMoms from the little Kingdom of Denmark. We are both called Mette (very common name in Denmark). We are the founders of the great online success the VikingMoms Proven 5-Step System: From survival to happiness! Welcome to our univers!


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Stop Overprotecting! Start Believing!


We see it as a good thing that children are not being over-controlled all the time, allowing them to create their own experiences and experience the world for themselves.


To us, it's not the end of the world if children occasionally get wet or cold, or hurt themselves, or get a cut on their fingers—to a reasonable extent, of course. Getting hurt a little is just part of learning and developing. It's a totally natural part of life.


The children learn to take care of themselves when they make their own experiences, and they learn to be self-reliant, too.


There are also serious consequences of controlling your children all the time and watching over everything they do. Continuously checking on them, seeing if they're doing things how you want them to, if they're completely safe the entire time.


When you do that, you're showing your children that the world is dangerous. You're showing them that you don't trust them and your don't believe in them, that you don't think they can handle things themselves.


So you have to stop that! 


You have to show that you trust your children before they can learn to trust themselves. That means that you have to set some boundaries, and then give them more freedom within those boundaries without you getting involved. And then you start strengthen your children's' self-confidence.



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