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Hi, we are the VikingMoms from the little Kingdom of Denmark. We are both called Mette (very common name in Denmark). We are the founders of the great online success the VikingMoms Proven 5-Step System: From survival to happiness! Welcome to our univers!


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Creating a Strong Connection to Your Kids


If you’re a mother, chances are you have felt the profound mother-child bond since the first days of gestation. Every stage of parenting is different and each of them requires some elemental  tools to enhance closeness between parent and child. When it comes to connecting with your kids, there's no right or wrong recipe; but there might be some essential ingredients to keep the love alive.


Saying "I love you" is not enough

As parents, we sometimes forget how to approach our children with empathy. Building a close relationship with your child and developing a strong sense of belonging means establishing positive contact in every sense. How do we do this? First of all, be aware that saying “I love you” is not enough. It takes more than just words to be empathetic and learn how to listen and read your child's thoughts. Start by letting them know that both of you are in the same world. By sharing experiences and meaningful time together you'll strengthen your connection. With every encounter, you'll be closer to understanding what your child is feeling and needing.


Be the best version of you

In our book, Become A Viking Mom!, we include a simple, easy-to-follow model, for every mom to follow called: The Vikings Moms 5-Step System. This system was built on the basic human needs we all have and it was based on our own family experiences. The first step has to do with the way we see ourselves and how this relates to creating deep bonds with our children. It’s important that you take your own well-being seriously, allowing you to be the best version of yourself. Awaking your positive inner voice, boosting your energy and finding a way to recharge on a daily basis is key for developing a sense of vitality and dealing with everyday challenges. If you project a happy being you'll be able to establish a much more solid connection to your child. 


Being preset is crucial

Now that you're aware that taking care of yourself is essential for being a good parent, you’re ready to be present- and remember “presence is much more than just being there.” Children need to know they're really being heard and, mostly, they need to know that they matter. There's no way you can empathize with your child's feelings if you’re not really present. Instead of assuming that he knows that you love him, put all your energy towards being responsive and present. 


Creating a strong bond with your children means that your relationship is based on trust and affection, but also that the powerful connection will give them the self-confidence to manage in the world on their own some day. 

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