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Challenge Yourself and Inspire Your Kids!

November 21, 2017


In balancing work, kids, relationships and any social life that still remains, most of us have had
to plan out every hour of the day in order to fit it all in. In fact, our days have become so
regulated they’ve turned mundane. It seems that any unexpected movement would cause us to
teeter, and what would happen then? What would happen then? Would life crumble if we did the
unexpected every once in awhile and stepped out of our comfort zone?

As children we were encouraged to give speeches in front of the class as a way to overcome
our shyness and to grow confident. Our friends nudged us to take risks when playing and, in the
case that it turned out well, it made us brave. In the case that the outcome was not so
pleasurable, well, it taught us a lesson at the very least.

In our adulthood it’s as if we’ve forgotten to challenge ourselves. And yet, in no stage of our
lives would it be correct to state that we’re done learning. As mothers, it’s important that we
recognize our value not only as nurturers but as inspirers as well. We are one of, if not the, first
role models for our children. Whether or not we realize it, they are watching every big, small,
predictable and unexpected move we make.

If you’re constantly making statements like, “I wish I could do that...” or “If only I were brave
enough to do this...” then it sends a subliminal message of fear to your children. While they’re
still young, kids see their parents as an all great and mighty figure, so if you lament on how you
“can’t do something,” why should they believe they’ll ever be able to?

Challenge yourself in front of your children, and let the outcome be a victory or lesson for you
both. If you find yourself a bit of a homebody, dare yourself (and your family) to escape out of
town and spend a day in nature! Feeling timid or perhaps a fearful of making mistakes? Take a
cooking lesson and share the final dish with your family. Depending on their age, you can invite
your children to participate with you in whatever challenge you choose. If you really want to
shake things up, you could do as we mentioned in our book, Become A Viking Mom! and take
daily dips into ice cold water. It’s not for everyone - but then again, you’ll never know unless you

No matter what happens, facing a challenge and your children partaking or acting as a witness
will only inspire a stronger bond between the two of you. And that’s a definite win!

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