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3 things you wish you knew about self-care

August 29, 2017

Who in this world said that self-care is being selfish? That is a notion that needs to be abolished in this world. You are never selfish when you meet your own needs, and taking care of yourself. Sometimes if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will do it for you.



You owe it to yourself and to your kids to take care of yourself

It is not selfish at all. Self-care is the best form of thanking yourself for doing all you do and undergoing through all the stress in life. Don’t let anybody try to fool you by telling you self-care is selfish because it is not.


You only need ten minutes to recharge.

Being a mother is not a joke. There's a guy who posted a video on Facebook saying that he will never ask the mother of his two kids what is taking so long to prepare. She one day left the kids with him, and it took one hour to get them ready, and after that, he was so tired he just went to the store and came back to just sleep. Taking care of these children is not an easy task, and it takes only ten minutes just to recharge. You owe it to these kids to take care of yourself, take a break and recharge. Self-care is healthy, and it depends entirely on you.


If you practice self-care, you will be a better mom to your kids.

Your kids will be most grateful if you practice self-care regularly because you will be able to take care of them in a better way. If you take a short break and relax, you will be calmer and ready to face the rest of the day as it comes. Self-care is the best form of meditation. You take some time and actually invest it in yourself.


Imagine you are a mom hustling up and down each day and you don’t even get a single minute to take care of yourself. It would be devastating, and this is the reason most mothers especially first-time parents are overwhelmed by these duties. Their lack of self-care turns them to be sour and angry all the time because of the pressure. Take some time, calm down and relax then wake up and face the rest of the day in a much better and calm way. You will even get things done in a much better way.

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