Sweet Sleep Solution

All children can learn to sleep through the night


This online training program is for parents with children from 8 months to 5 years old, who want to teach their children better sleeping habits in a gentle and peaceful way.

You'll learn how to teach your child to fall asleep peacefully in his or her own bed and sleep through the night.

We believe that good sleeping habit isn't something you were born with - it's something your PRACTICE!


So let's say goodbye to sleepless nights!


deltag PÅ Vores online kursus "Trygge børn sover bedst!" og...

Lær dit barn selv at falde trygt i søvn 

Få en roligere aften og god søvn, ved at lære dit barn selv at falde i søvn.

Lær dit barn at sove hele natten

Slut med uendelige opvågninger og  natteroderi. Med vores metoder sover dit barn godt hele natten.

Få overskuddet tilbage i familien

Manglende søvn, søvnforstyrrelser og omvendt døgnrytme trækker for alvor energien ud af familielivet. Vi giver dig metoderne til at blive den forælder du ønsker.

Dear tired parent

You are probably both tired and worn out. Too little sleep and tiredness suck the joy out of your everyday life, and the feeling of not being good enough escalates.

Once the sleep habits have run off track and you are spending way too much time tugging your child in or your child wakes up during the night, there's, unfortunately, nothing to indicate that the proper sleep habits will occur by themselves, if you just wait long enough. On the contrary, it can be more and more challenging to
create new good sleep habits, the more extended period your child hasn't been sleeping well.


Some people believe that sleep deprivation is a natural consequence of parenthood. And that it is outright egoistic to teach your baby better sleep habits. But we know that good sleep habits are a gift for your baby/child. By having good sleep habits from the very start, you are very well-equipped, because it can follow you your whole life. Plus, it's in no way healthy for a baby to be sleep-deprived.

And it is a negative spiral – the worse you and your child sleep, the more difficult it becomes to overcome things with calmness and surplus.

Having a hassle-free bed tugging and a child that sleeps all night rarely happens of its own. It is our experience, that good sleep habit is something that you should teach your child – and it CAN be taught. It requires a consistent and caring effort, and then all children can learn to sleep secure and well all night.

Mie Marianne Jakobsen, attending "Sweet Sleep Solution"

We are very positively surprised! Our daughter falls asleep by herself now, and we no longer have to sleep in her room! If she wakes up during the night, we can easily tug her in again, without having to sit with her. And sometimes she sleeps all night, without waking up! We are very positively surprised about the course because it has made a world of difference. So it's a pure pleasure to attend!

Three reasons sweet sleep solution is the most gentle and effective sleep training

Developed through research and based on security

The online course is based on research into what creates the best possible security for children between 1-6
years of age. The course ensures that your child feels your presence every day and note that they have calm
parents, who KNOW how to handle the situation – THAT creates security for your child!

Prepares both you and your child for the new sleeping habit

Very few children like changes, since it involves something unfamiliar. We will guide you on how to improve
your child's new sleep habit easily. You will also get the tools for how to improve yourself in the best way. This
way you will feel calm and confident when your new habits are implemented.

We will guide you ALL the way to hold firm in a loving way

We are by your side, from your preparations and when you are getting started, to the moment where it might
not go as you had hoped. We will help you with a plan B, so you always know what to do. We give you detailed instructions for how you create and lovingly maintain your new sleep habits – WITHOUT your child crying alone in their room. Remember! The foundation of the course is to create security for your child.

This you will learn during the course


step 1: Understand what lies behind your child's sleep

Once you understand what lies behind your child's reaction, you can support them in a completely different
way. At this stage, you will get a background knowledge about small children's reaction patterns and an
understanding of what to emphasize to create security and good sleep habits for your child.


step 2: Create presence and security

It is hard to be present in a busy everyday life. At this stage, you are given concrete tools for how to ensure, that your child feels presence and security every day.


step 3: Prepare the new sleep habits

As a parent, it is essential that you are calm and feel confident “know that you are right” when you tug your child into bed. Which can be hard, if you are tired and frustrated. At this stage, you will prepare for five important areas, that creates calmness and surplus when you are starting up with your new sleep habits.


step 4: Prepare together with your child

Not many children like spontaneous changes, hence it's essential to prepare yourself for the new sleep habits in the best way. Here you will be given concrete tools to prepare together with your child. It is crucial that your child feels ownership, engage themselves and feels safe with the new sleep habit before you get started.


step 5: Get started and maintain in a loving way

Get started at the right time and in the right way. Here you will get detailed instruction for how to keep your calmness and be present, so you have the best chance of succeeding what you have prepared. But what if everything doesn't go according to plan? What if my child starts crying? What if my child gets out of bed?
What if my child wakes up during the night? In the module, you will get concrete instructions on how you have your plan B ready from the beginning and how you lovingly maintain your new sleep habits.

Meet your two (sweet) sleep experts

Behind Sweet Sleep Solution are your two sleep experts Mette and Mette. They are complete profession geeks. They are passionate about disseminating their message, as palatable and straightforward as possible, which is reflected in their courses.

They both love their everyday life with their children, love the cosiness and laughter. And they particularly love
to pass on their wisdom and help other parents get good sleep habits for their children.



Mangler et afsnit

Mette and Mette have developed a simple step-by-step online course for you, who wants to give your child
calm evenings with effortless bed tugging and a good night's sleep.

Dette får du straks, når du køber adgang til kurset:

Step-by-step instruction videos

The sleep course is 100% online – i.e. you can attend the course from home, as many times as you want and

whenever you want. The course consists of videos, filled with background knowledge and concrete tools that you easily and quickly can use. You will get a deeper understanding of how to avoid conflicts at bedtime and creates a more significant presence with your child. Furthermore, you will be given concrete tools to help you and your child prepare your new good sleep habits and what to do if it doesn't go as planned. We will guide you through The Sweet Sleep Solution System.

Pictograms especially developed for this course

Create the best overview for your child regarding your new sleeping habits, with The Sweet Sleep Solution's
pictograms. They are simple and easily understandable for your child. Cut out the pictures and make your
evening and bed tugging routine succinctly and secure for your child – because we KNOW that secure
children sleep best.

A worksheet that will help you on your way

For your preparation of the new bed tugging and sleep ritual, you will receive these worksheets. Here we have
compiled the most important things that you need to consider, before starting your new sleep habits. Use
them online or print them out.

A gift for you: Lots of bonus material

Online foredrag: Søskende - best friends forever!

 helt konkret værktøjer til, hvad du gør, når først det går løs med konflikterne. 

Podcast: Hvad gør jeg, hvis mit barn alligevel græder.

I denne podcast guider vi dig gennem, hvordan du fastholder de nye sovevaner på kærlig vis.

Podcast: Jeg bliver ked af det, når mit barn er ked af det.

Det har stor betydning for dit barn, hvordan du håndterer dine egne følelser, når barnet græder. 

Print-selv huskeliste

Your way to sweet sleep

✔︎ Access to all Step-by-Step Training Videos

✔︎ The Sweet Sleep Solution's' pictograms

✔︎ Worksheets

✔︎ 3 x Bonuses

Total Price: € 126


time limited offer: € 63



SAve 50%

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you have watched the videos, implemented all the tools, compiled the worksheets and followed the method
week for week. How is that possible? Because we KNOW it works!

Ann Louise Andersen, attending "Sweet Sleep Solution"

Almost too good to be true! After one night using The Sweet Sleep Solution, my daughter of 2.5 years of age slept all night in her own bed, for the first time since she was born.
Previously, we had tried practically EVERYTHING...cranio-sacral therapy, enticed with gifts, asked several pedagogues for advice, been extremely stubborn etc., but nothing helped.
This morning she woke up and happily said: “me did it, mum”. All of a sudden I have hope! Right now I think that it's almost too good to be true!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


The course is for parents with children between 8 months and five years. The course is for everyone who experiences challenges concerning sleep in the evening or at night. It can be problems concerning bed tugging, that your child takes a long time falling asleep, that your child can't relax, that your child cries when you are tugging them in, the challenge concerning falling asleep in a secure manner yourself, many nightly wake-ups, many nightly nursings, night terror or that your child wake up way too early in the morning and can't fall asleep again.

The course is for you who have decided to create good secure sleeping habits for your child because you know that it is both good and healthy for your child. And for you who is determined to make a change to achieve a transformation.

Are you still in doubt whether or not the course is for you, then send us an EMAIL.




This course is not for you who has a child that in some way are ill or a physical condition, that makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

Neither is it for you who wish to continue doing all the same things you are doing now but still expect a change.


Many parents are worried that their child will have to cry a lot when creating new sleeping habits. Using our system, you do NOT let your child cry themselves to sleep, without going to them. We work preventive, i.e.
you are going to create the highest possible security for your child, and your child will know the new bed tugging routine before you start – this creates security and prevents a lot of the crying. If your child still cries
when you start on the new sleep habits, the course will teach you a small ritual on what to do. This little ritual you are participating in creating yourself, using our theories, so that it is a ritual you feel comfortable
performing. However, we rarely recommend that you allow the child out of bed again, once they have been tugged into bed, but that you instead perform a short and secure routine in the child's room.


We have had several parents with eight months old children, who have had a great joy of the course. We recommend that your child is at least eight months old and that you are prepared to adjust the tools according
to the age of your child.


Yes, it is. You will have access to all videos and podcasts right away, and you can view and review them whenever it suits you. You can watch them both on a computer, phone and iPad. 




No, it doesn't require any special equipment, besides a regular computer, smartphone or iPad.




The duration of the videos is between 3 and 10 minutes, so you can grab one when you have time. We have
organised the course, especially for busy families with children, so you can watch the videos where and when
you want to. And our concrete tools are easy to use in your everyday life.

Contact Mette & Mette


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