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Become A Viking Mom!

The groundbreaking new book that reveals how to raise amazingly happy children with the proven 5 step Danish parenting system.

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“I parented like Become a Viking Mom! for
two weeks and I’m never going back.”


“My only regret is that I hadn’t known
about the Viking Moms years ago, because now I’m able to give my kids another childhood. 
And I LOVE it.”


“Mette and Mettes personal stories were really honest and eyeopening. I realized that I have to take a completely different approach to make changes. I can't thank you enough for this inspiring parenting system.”


What's in it for parents and children?

What's in it for parents?


As a parents you will:

Learn how to take care of yourself so you can have something to give.  And get more energy.

Develop strong and close family ties. Experience more happiness and love in your family life.

Let go of all frustration, impatience and conscience, so you can finally feel confident.

What's in it for children?


Your children will:

Develop resilience. Get more freedom and learn to trust themselves.

Grow up with a strong and loving connection to their parents. And be more happy.

Be prepared for life - both ups and downs. And know how to handle challenges.

A Viking Mom:

1. Takes care of herself and her own needs.

2. Creates a strong connection to her kids.

3. Challenges herself and her kids.

It's time to become a confident and happy parent.

Purchase your copy and get access to exclusive Become A Viking Mom BOOK BONUSES.

The Viking Moms from the North

The Danish authors Mette Dahm and Mette Wismann are professional teachers and founders of the successful Danish family online counselling company “The Kids' Manual” and “The Viking Moms.”


Furthermore, they are Viking Moms: moms deeply rooted in the cradle of the Viking and Danish culture, renowned as strong women who raise happy and independent children.


They’ve spent 10 years researching and understanding what it takes to have a happy family life, and they have since helped thousands of families to find joy in life through their training programs.

10 surprising facts you'll discover in "Become A Viking Mom!" 

1. What the Danes do to be the happiest nation on earth for 30 years straight.

2. How risk is a possibility to develop.

3. What to do for 10 minutes every day to minimize the number of tantrums dramatically.


4. All you need to know about "hygge" to create a strong family tie.


5. How to kill your inner critic.


6. How to get more energy with The Mom Charger.


7. Why you need to give your kids more freedom.


8. How to eat with love.


9. How to get The Viking Superpower.


10. You can create magic with the proven 5 step system.

Draw a line in the sand!

"Become A Viking Mom!" is available as:


Purchase your copy and get access to exclusive Become A Viking Mom BOOK BONUSES.

Get these results with the proven 5-step Danish Parenting System: 


Your kids will have empathy and the ability to forgive and build strong relationships and social connectedness. Your kids will have high self-esteem and a strong sense of belonging with friends and family. Research shows that this precise thing is one of the number one predictors of happiness.


You will have a clear goal for your child rearing and know how to lead and show the way. You will know exactly how to create a framework that makes your kids resilient and happy. You can find peace as a mom, knowing that no matter what happens, you have a plan ready, and you know what’s best for your kids. You know you have strengthened your children for life. 


Your kids will have personal power, great self-confidence, and lots of can-do spirit. Personal power strengthens them for the challenges of life, giving them faith that no matter what they encounter on their path, they are sure to find a solution. Research shows that resilience is one of the biggest factors in predicting success as an adult.






These useful and handdrawn prints will help you implement the Viking Moms parenting system in your home.


Get our cool poster and give it to your kids to remind them that they could never stop exploring the world around them. There is one both for girls and boys.


Sneak peek at the backstage video of the Mettes' hygge accessories so you can get all set to do hygge in our own home.

Exclusive "Become A Viking Mom!" BOOK BONUSES:


Use this Mindfulness podcast to start your own practice in self care. Discover the magic in using 10 minutes to our self to recharge. You will love it.

A letter to you from two Viking Moms

Dear you,

We've been there, too: where family life and everyday activities are just so hard that life becomes a question of survival. Our days were filled with stress, conflict, and crying children, and we looked forward to finally getting them into their beds. We've lived on that island of frustration and helplessness ourselves, where we couldn't see a way out. We couldn't even remember what it was like to feel good and be full of energy.


We tried one thing, and then a second, and a third, and a fourth, trying to make it off that island, but there was nothing that worked. More than anything, we just tried harder and harder to get away from it. We survived each day, waiting for someone to come by, look in on us from outside, and think, I've got to do something, I feel so sorry for her.

But nobody ever came, and nothing ever happened, until we changed our mindset. If you're in an unpleasant place in your life, or you feel like your life is all about surviving from one day to the next, it's time to stop this way of thinking and make some changes in your life. There's only one person who can build that bridge to a better life for you and your children, and that's you!

We want to give you a new mindset, some new glasses, so you can see the world in a different light and see that the solutions are right in front of you.We ourselves had a desperate need to find those solutions, and the realization came to us when we dove deep down and spent years researching what goes into a good family life. When we finally found the solution, we could hardly believe how simple it was.

We met each other right around that time, when things were at their hardest. Our lives, our situations, and our living conditions were all very similar. We were left alone at home with our children because of our husbands' jobs. We had different challenges, but we had a common dream to make a change.


Life with children shouldn't be about constantly being in survival mode. Life is too precious for that. It should be about having a good family life that we can enjoy, and we should be able to send our children forward in life with a feeling of peace in our souls. Our lives looked nothing like that until we figured out the formula, and found the courage to start with ourselves.

Lot's of love from Mette Dahm & Mette Wismann.

Discover the Viking Moms' 5-Step System:


So how does the 5-step process to become a Viking Mom begin? It starts with taking care of one’s self first.  Easy to understand, realistic to put in place, the Viking Mom plan then moves to encompassing “happy hygge time” or a warm environment that promotes self-esteem with familial bonds.  Next up is the risky play that endorses a child’s ability to independently solve challenges and embrace resilience without parental interference.  Family meal time and the Viking superpower “I can do it!” attitude round out the sturdy five.  


Start With You

It's fundamental to good parenting that you are able to manage your own emotions, so that you can guide your kids lovingly. Research shows that being a strong role model for your kids has a huge impacts on their behavior and self-image. It's about loving yourself before taking care of others, and about being the change you want for your kids.


Happy "Hygge" Time

Research shows that one of the primary predictors of happiness is spending quality time with friends and family. Spending time together and cultivating “hygge” creates robust social ties between parents and kids. Kids who have a strong sense of belonging also have higher self-esteem.


Risky Play

Encourage adventure! Risky play teaches kids to be less anxious and depressed. It teaches them resilience and it strengthens their confidence. Research shows that resilience is one of the biggest factors in predicting success as an adult.


Eat With Love

Family meals make children feel that they belong and are loved. Children in today’s busy world need a shared, safe space to discuss ideas in the understanding company of family, and parents need a regular time each day to connect with their kids.


Viking Superpower

Children with personal power have great self-confidence and lots of can-do spirit. Personal power strengthens them for the challenges of life, giving them faith that no matter what they encounter on their path, they are sure to find a solution.

Become A Viking Mom!

Purchase your copy and get access to exclusive Become A Viking Mom BOOK BONUSES.

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